When you visit Ybor City, you will find a vibrant atmosphere and some of the best restaurants in the Tampa area. You can try out Spanish, Cuban, and Italian cuisine. Ybor City is also home to the Columbia Restaurant, one of the oldest restaurants in Florida. The city is known for a combination of nightlife and shopping.

Ybor City also has a thriving nightlife, with a wide selection of cigar bars, dance clubs, and themed nights. Regardless of your age, you can find a place to enjoy a drink or a night out in Ybor City. Whatever your preference, you will find a place to meet other travelers, have a good time, and enjoy a meal. Learn more here.

Those interested in Ybor City Florida history will find plenty of material to enjoy in the city’s history. The Florida Photographic Collection houses over fifty video clips from the city’s past, showcasing its rich cultural heritage. The archive also features photos from the Spanish-American War, and a collection of early postcards of Ybor City.

The Museum of Science and Industry, or MOSI to locals, is another great place to visit. It contains the only IMAX dome in Florida. It also features interactive exhibits for children, including the Kids in Charge! zone. There’s also a great exhibition called The Amazing You, which teaches visitors about the human body. The museum also has a butterfly garden and a planetarium.

Ybor City is a unique place that has a colorful history. Many of its people were immigrants to the United States. This mixed ethnic community eventually became the “Cigar Capital of the World” and a center for cigar production. As its population grew, the immigrants in the area managed to preserve their distinct cultural identities while creating a new one. The resulting eclecticism has attracted a wide range of visitors and historians to Ybor City.

The local police department was corrupt. They would occasionally raid Ybor City and shut down several speakeasies and coffee houses. The people who were forewarned would secretly store liquor in the local coffee houses, restaurants, and speakeasies and reopen their illicit businesses hours later.

The Wall family lived in a house on this block in the mid-1870s. Later, the property was home to the Tampa Terrace Hotel and the Tampa Federal Savings and Loan Bank. In addition, the Walls owned a plot of land that was bounded by Florida Avenue, Madison Street, and Kennedy Boulevard. They also had offices in the property. Despite Wall’s success, few Tampa politicians were able to win elections without his blessing. Several of his rivals ended their lives trying to overthrow him. Browse website.


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