A properly executed internet marketing strategy begins with a high-performing web design that has an SEO-focus and foundation designed for growth. With Blue Farm Digital Marketing’s expert web design services, we are able to consistently set up small-medium businesses for present and future success. Our experience allows us to build eye-catching designs built for SEO and your business’s future growth.

In order to drive positive results with our website design services, we pay special attention to the 3 areas below and how they will impact your website:

1. Responsive Web Design That Delights Customers and Outperforms Your Competition

In our digital world, it is critical to make a connection with your customers and standout in a sea of competitors. It isn’t enough to simply have a website anymore. You need to stand out in all industries and be unique (or at least appear to be) in your market. A powerful and influential website can mean the difference between growth and stagnation. When people visit your website you want them to be influenced to buy and feel good during their visit. If they get the feeling that your website is cheap or doesn’t work properly, they could get the wrong idea about the rest of your business and quickly go to a competitor. Website performance is just as important as the marketing strategies that go into promoting the website itself. This is why at Blue Farm Digital Marketing we build high-performing websites that effortlessly convert new visitors into paying customers.

2. Websites Built For SEO Excellence

A website doesn’t magically begin generating leads and sales. You need to either pay for traffic or build a presence to gain organic traffic. To succeed with SEO, you need to have a high performing website and a good SEO strategy to yield results. A poor quality website with great SEO will leave money on the table. The same goes for a great website with poor quality SEO. You need to start with a solid, foundational web design that is built with SEO in mind. We build all of our websites according to SEO best practices which allow a seasoned SEO or agency to quickly leverage your new website across search engines.

3. Web Infrastructure That Will Set You Up For Growth

Being built for growth means having a website that will grow with you and support more complex functions as your business grows. We build websites using WordPress because of this reason. WordPress is highly customizable and scaled easily to adjust with business needs.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is a type of design that allows your website to seamlessly adjust for each customer’s device preferences across mobile, tablet, and desktop screens. This is new and improved from the old static web design that appears the same whether loaded on desktop or mobile devices. If you have ever been to a website and the format of the content doesn’t automatically adjust for you, that is a static website.

Advantages of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design isn’t just to make your customer’s lives easier and their visits more enjoyable. Responsive web design helps with a variety of things from improving SEO and traffic to increasing perceived brand reputation and conversion rates.

  • SEO – Google knows if your site is not responsive. A responsive site is much more likely to rank higher than a one that is not.
  • More Conversions – Responsive websites are generally easier to use which results in more conversions.
  • Brand Reputation – A company with a responsive, mobile friendly web design looks far superior to a company without.
  • More Traffic – A well optimized, responsive website will be found online and generate more business.

How Does Web Design Affect Your SEO Performance?

Web design quality can affect your SEO performance and ranking in a huge way. If your website is built with poor internal linking and slow load time, you can expect to rank below a website with better linking structure and a faster load time. These are just 2 factors that go into how web design can increase or decrease your business’s SEO performance. Other factors include ease of use and dwell-time (bounce rate). Ease of use is a metric that Google uses to determine how users behave and prefer one website to another. One way to gauge this is by looking at your website’s bounce rate, or the amount of time they spent on your website before leaving. A poor web design that is slow and unappealing to visitors will result in a site with a high bounce rate that is difficult to use. These are both highly influential of your domain’s ranking and will prevent you from seeing success if not taken care of. Above are just two samples of how web design can affect your website’s long-term SEO performance and why you need to be particular when choosing a web design company.

Web Page Load Speed

We mentioned page load speed above, but we will talk more about that here. Currently, websites receive far more mobile phone user traffic than desktops or tablets. This means that people are accessing information on the go, often away from wifi, more than ever before. To capitalize on this, your business needs to cater to this online user behavior more than ever before. This is done by creating websites that look great on mobile, but also load in 2 seconds or less to ensure people can get information about your services wherever they are. The best way to lose a customer in 2021 is by having a website that takes too long to load on a smartphone. In some cases, a slow page load speed can increase your bounce rate by over 100%, which is a massive amount of traffic and leads over the life of your business.

User Experience & Bounce Rate

User experience is another factor that affects bounce rate, ultimately affecting your SEO ranking and organic traffic. A web design with a poor user experience tends to cause a high bounce rate, which, as mentioned previously, tells Google that your website wasn’t a good experience for the user. Over time, this sends negative signals to Google and will result in a rapid trend of decreasing rank and traffic to your website. At Blue Farm Digital Marketing, our web design service team builds fast websites with your target audience in mind to create captivating web pages that drive high quality user experiences.

WordPress Web Design Service Professionals

WordPress is the largest website content management system (CMS) in the world. It is widely used by 35% of the internet’s websites and is popular for many reasons.

WordPress is used by so many websites due to its customizability and ease of use for beginners. It allows developers and web designers to create beautiful, powerful websites while allowing a business owner to easily make content changes on their own. It also has hundreds of thousands of plugins and support options to ensure a simple experience for website managers & business owners alike.

Our WordPress web design experience allows you to create a strong foundation for your digital presence. We work with each business owner very closely to be sure that the final product is exactly in-line with your specific brand, preferences, marketing & business goals in mind. We also stay informed and up-to-date with all things WordPress so you can take advantage of any new WordPress features & solutions.

Custom WordPress Web Design Services

WordPress is our preferred platform for our website design services. It’s user friendly content management system (CMS) has allowed it to gain the largest market share of any website platform worldwide.

Build a solid digital foundation and outperform your online competition with our WordPress website design services. Our WordPress developers work closely with our project managers which allows us to produce websites that consistently meet or exceed client expectations.

Complete List of Web Design Services

Logo Design

An eye-catching logo is important for any company if they want to be remembered by their customers. Our logo designers have experience creating logos that are influential and aesthetically pleasing in nature, driving brand recognition and ensuring you will be happy with the final logo.


Improve your business’s organic traffic and ranking with our white-hat SEO services. Our SEO experts know how to identify and leverage high-value keyword phrases in your market through on-page and off-page optimization. We track all results and optimize them over time, driving more high-quality leads and sales from our search engine marketing services.


Do you know what percentage of visitors convert on your website? This is a question that most business owners don’t know, nor do they have the time to analyze and leverage the findings. We’ll help you uncover what your visitors are doing, why they are doing it, and how to squeeze more revenue from your existing website visitors. Whether you’re a service based business or eCommerce company, our CRO services will help you generate more income.

Technical SEO

Build a strong online presence with technical SEO services that ensure your website is ready to be indexed and ranked by search engines like Google & Bing. We run technical error reports, check HTTPS status, monitor and improve your site speed, audit redirects, remove duplicate content, monitor overall ranking, add structured data markup and more.

Website Analysis

Website analysis helps catch minor issues before they become major problems that negatively affect your business. We conduct comprehensive website analysis to review your website’s performance. Then, we can consider all possible opportunities to improve performance from technical and marketing aspects. Finally, we create action plans to execute on all of our findings and improve your site functionality and key performance indicators.

Email & Website Hosting

Your business’s website & email security is vital to keeping your data safe. You need a secure and experienced website hosting company to take care of such important information. When you choose Blue Farm Digital Marketing, you’ll never need to worry again. We offer complete network monitoring, backup restoration, malware scanning and removal, file management, and more. Contact us today to talk about your email and web hosting needs.

Website Maintenance

Regular site maintenance is important to keep your website running at peak performance. At Blue Farm Digital Marketing, we conduct scheduled site analysis, checkup and maintenance to determine your website’s key aspects that need improvement. Using our results, we develop strategies to enhance your site security and performance.

eCommerce Web Design

Standard website design and eCommerce website design are significantly different. Ensure that you have optimized product pages, category pages, ease of use, functionality, page load speed and more. We understand what eCommerce websites need to be successful and design our sites with ROI. Partner with us and we will help you reduce cart abandonment and increase checkout rate with our seamless eCommerce website design services.

The Keys To Web Design Success

1. Aesthetically Pleasing

Attention spans are very short these days. You need to capture a visitor’s attention in the first 7 seconds or there is a good chance that they will leave the page. We create aesthetically pleasing sites by listening to the clients desires and molding that into a web design with depth and balance.

2. Lightning Fast Page Load Speed

Page load speed is important for SEO and maintaining your users attention given their short attention spans. Google prefers websites that load fast on desktop and mobile, so it is in your best interest to have a website designed with speed in mind. In addition to that, if your website doesn’t load within 3 seconds there is a high chance people will bounce, or leave before your website even loads.

3. Simple, Easy-to-Navigate

Navigation is also critical to an enjoyable website experience. If it’s hard to navigate a website, it’s more likely users will go somewhere else to get what they are looking for. Those lost users represent lost revenue for any business. Don’t let this happen to you. Our web design team works to create easy-to-navigate websites that can be used by anyone regardless of age or tech experience.

4. SEO Optimized Content

It’s important to write content that is engaging for humans, easily indexed by Google’s algorithm, and has a good conversion rate. Investing in a website without SEO optimized content is almost useless. The experts at Blue Farm Digital Marketing work with you to make sure you like your website content, it is properly optimized for search engines, and written in a way that converts visitors into revenue.

5. SEO Friendly Website Foundation

A web design and implementation that sends proper SEO signals to Google is important in order to be indexed quickly and rank high. This means a website with meta tags, H tags, image optimization, optimize page titles, optimized service pages and more which will lead to a stronger internet presence in the long run. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO friendly web design services!

6. High Conversion Rate

There are many factors that go into your website’s conversion rate such as, page load speed, calls to action, color scheme, layout, copywriting, traffic relevance, ease of navigation, and more. We will work with you to ensure that your website is high-converting and a seamless experience for visitors.

7. Increase Traffic & Sales Over Time

Overall, the purpose of a web design is to increase your businesses traffic and sales. We create our websites in a way that sets your business up for future success. The SEO foundation we provide helps to increase your rank, online presence, and traffic over time. This, coupled with our understanding of creating websites with high conversion rates, results in more traffic and sales from your website over time.

Why Choose Blue Farm as your Web Design Agency?

Blue Farm Digital Marketing is a growth & ROI-focused web design agency dedicated to client success. We provide custom, goal-oriented web design solutions that meet your budget and exceed your expectations. As mentioned, our primary focus is generating maximum return on investment from your web design. You can trust us to turn your marketing dollars into increased sales & profitability from your online visitors.

Why Blue Farm Digital Marketing the Best Choice For Your New Website

Competitive Pricing

Our founder has small business family roots and understands how much affordable marketing services can benefit a small-medium size business. That is why we are highly-efficient with our operations and pass on that efficiency in our prices.

Direct Contact with WordPress Specialists

Your website is important to us. You can call, text or email us 7 days a week with any questions you have about your web design and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. You’re not just a client when you work with Blue Farm Digital Marketing, we understand how important your business is.

Client-Focused Solutions

At Blue Farm, we do not ever want to take over a business owner’s feelings or desire regarding web design. Our project managers will always review and approve edits each step of the way to ensure you get a website that you are satisfied with. We have a process that allows for reviews, revisions, and final client approval before anything is launched.

Websites That Drive Revenue

Data is critical to web design success. We’ve analyzed many businesses, market areas, products/services, competitors, and available website platforms which allows us to generate maximum ROI from your investment.

Fast Loading, Mobile-Friendly

A fast loading website is critical in 2021 and beyond. It’s required for improving your chances at ranking, creating an enjoyable experience for customers, and maximizing the revenue generated from your online visitors. With 70+ percent of all website traffic coming from mobile phones, it’s easy to see why a fast, mobile friendly website is essentially a requirement.

Custom Web Design Services

You will not find packaged web design services with us. Cookie cutter web design solutions often result in lower performance. We provide custom website design solutions that meet our customer’s specific requirements and expectations.