1. Clicks Are Not Cheap, So Efficiency is Critical

If you have tried PPC or talked to a lawyer friend about PPC, by now you know that it is not a cheap investment. It is likely one of the most expensive industries in all of PPC marketing. However, that doesn’t mean strong ROI is not possible. It is actually very achievable with a sufficient budget (min. $1,500) and a campaign that is very focused and fine tuned. If your PPC landing page or campaign is off, you can waste a ton of money without even realizing it.

2. Getting the Right Kind of Clicks Are More Important Than Anything

Cheap clicks are not the goal. It is actually common for clicks to give your less conversions and low quality leads.

Why do you think the clicks are cheap?

Clicks are often cheap because other advertisers know that they are not valuable clicks. The people making certain searches simply don’t need your services right now, so they are not worth spending money on yet. You will pay more for high-intent searches (low funnel) because naturally advertisers are willing to bid more for them. The search terms report is a report that shows you what kind of searches you are paying for. It is critical to have one that is full of 90+% high-intent searches to generate leads and PPC success.

3. Landing Pages Will Make It or Break It – It’s That Simple

Paying $1,000+ for a new landing page design is absolutely worth it. If your current website is too slow, sending any amount or quality of traffic won’t make it convert traffic into phone calls as well as a page designed for PPC. If your site is slow and you do not want to pay for a complete website overhaul, we provide landing pages designs for PPC traffic for $500-$2,500, depending on the size and scope of the campaign.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Go High

After you have sufficient data to analyze, you will know which searches and keywords are generating your leads. If you know something converts at 30%, bid very high for first position. Don’t be afraid to increase bids on those keywords by $5 or $20 dollars, depending on the practice area and relative CPC. If you are not comfortable making these types of data-backed decisions, you should hire a PPC manager so you can focus on your business.

5. Reinvest For Success

This goes back to number 4. If you are getting leads and cases at a profitable rate, go higher. Don’t overwhelm yourself with leads, but when PPC starts working it’s fairly easy to scale. If you’re making money spending $1k/month, don’t be afraid to experiment by spending $1,500-$2,000 next month. You can always pull back, but you’ll be surprised how quickly you can grow your monthly revenue by gradually scaling an already ROI-positive PPC campaign.