Ybor City Museum State Park Tampa FL

A day trip to Ybor City Museum State Park will allow you to see an exhibition dedicated to Cuban culture. You can also tour a restored home and Mediterranean garden. While you’re there, be sure to ask about the museum’s entrance fee. This article will answer your questions about this Tampa FL attraction. It’s a must-see for anyone visiting Tampa, Florida. Listed below are some of the main reasons why people choose to go to Ybor City Museum State Park.


Ybor City Museum State Park

Located in the heart of the Ybor City, Ybor County, Ybor Art Museum is the perfect place for a cultural history lover. The museum includes several exhibits on cultural history, as well as a restored house and Mediterranean gardens. You can also visit Ybor City’s Mediterranean gardens, where you can relax and unwind after a busy day exploring the area. Ybor City Art Museum offers an excellent opportunity to experience Tampa’s diverse history and culture. Next article.


Located in Historic Ybor City, the Ybor Art Museum is a cultural landmark that offers insight into the history of immigrants who lived in the neighborhood. While most museums have rotating exhibits, the Ybor City Art Museum features an extensive collection of Cuban artifacts and an ongoing exhibit on the history of cigar making in Tampa. You can also enjoy a 20-minute movie or take a tour of one of the Casitas.


Ybor City Museum’s Traces of Cuba exhibition

In addition to the cultural history exhibits, the Ybor City Museum also features a Mediterranean garden and a restored home. Guests will appreciate the authentic architecture and authentic Cuban cuisine. For a more complete cultural experience, make time for a tour of the museum’s Mediterranean gardens. A guided tour is highly recommended! Traces of Cuba is part of Ybor City Museum State Park Tampa FL’s free annual event.


The museum’s multidisciplinary exhibits and programs feature interactive elements that encourage participation. Exhibits include Building Alive! The Ybor City Architecture Hop, Traces of Cuba, and Jewish Roots of Ybor City. The Ybor City Museum is located in a 1923 era house. Admission is free, but memberships are available for a minimal fee.


Ybor City Museum’s Mediterranean-style garden

Cultural history is the focus of the Ybor County Museum of History. The museum also includes a renovated historic home and Mediterranean-style gardens. Visitors to the state park will be able to learn about the past of Tampa as they explore the exhibits in the museum. Visitors will enjoy the unique exhibits and the Mediterranean-style garden. They will also have a chance to learn about the culture of Tampa and the surrounding region.


The Ybor City Museum’s garden is an oasis within a large park. Located in Tampa’s Latin Quarter, this museum features cultural history exhibits, a restored “casita” and Mediterranean-style gardens. Guests can also take part in demonstrations of cigar-making and enjoy the museum’s Mediterranean-style garden. Guests can also take a guided tour of the museum’s gardens and grounds.


Ybor City Museum’s entrance fee

If you’re in the area, you may be interested in visiting Ybor City Museum State Park in Tampa FL. This cultural history museum includes Mediterranean gardens and a restored home. Although the entrance fee is high, it’s well worth the price. The museum is filled with exhibits on local history, culture, and arts. It also offers a great opportunity to learn about the history of Tampa. Learn more.


If you’re wondering how to get discounted tickets, you’ll want to check out the Ybor City Museum State Park. The museum is located at 9th Avenue East, about 1.7 miles south of downtown Tampa. It focuses on public education and research through various events, exhibitions, and educational programs. You can donate to the museum to support the museum’s mission. Ybor City Museum State Park Tampa FL’s entrance fee is $4.