When planning your next vacation, most people think about where they want to go. Wherever you may be, your next vacation should include a trip to Tampa, Florida. This city is a popular vacation spot for people from all over the world. You might not know this, but you can explore the city and discover some hidden gems that will make your vacation even better. Explore Tampa, Florida with these great tips.

Plan Your Trip

The best way to plan your trip to Tampa, Florida is by looking at the top destinations to visit in the city. Many Tampa residents and visitors alike will say that there are two places you must visit, and they are Hyde Park and Ybor City. Both these areas are full of history, culture and food. The parks contain some beautiful architecture and will give you an appreciation of how different the city was in the past. If you are looking for a more modern experience, visit the Lowry complex and discover the dramatic art and architecture that accompanies the complex.

Travel By Train

If you are staying in Tampa for a few days or weeks, traveling by train is a great way to explore the local area. Amtrak has regular trains to Tampa from cities all over the United States. The trip takes just under 24 hours and is a convenient way to get to the city. You can also go further west along the Amtrak route to Orlando and journey there in just one night. You can also explore the rest of Florida and the Caribbean by train and discover what the rest of this incredible state has to offer. See another article about Tampa.

Explore The Everglades

If you want to incorporate nature into your vacation, the Florida Everglades are an excellent choice. This is an incredibly diverse ecosystem and is not to be missed. There are many trails in the Everglades that take you through various ecosystems including mangrove swamps, lowland hammocks and pine rockland. You can also get involved in eco-tourism and visit the Myakka River Safari. You can go on a guided tour or explore the park on your own.

Eat Like A Local

One way to discover what makes Tampa, Florida special is to eat like a local. Tampa is home to a large Cuban community, and you can find a large number of Cuban restaurants in the city. You can also try local seafood, which is plentiful in Tampa Bay. If you are looking for a famous American dish, you can try Tampa’s own Cuban Sandwich. This is a Cuban loaf bread filled with ham, pickles and mustard and it is delicious. There are also many other restaurants to try out in Tampa, so you can experience the local scene and its food.

Stay On And Off The Beach

If you are planning a trip to Tampa, Florida, you can stay on the beach and explore the city. There are many hotels in Tampa that are very close to the beach. You can explore the city and have a relaxing vacation at the same time. You can also explore the beaches in Tampa and have a relaxing vacation by the sea. There are many great beaches to explore in Tampa and you can enjoy the water from many angles. You can also walk along the sea wall and discover what the city by the bay has to offer.

Go To A Baseball Game

If you love baseball, you can join in on the action during your visit to Tampa, Florida. The Tampa Bay Rays play in the American League and are a popular team in the city. You can also take a tour around the city and visit the baseball museums and other historical sites. You can also go to a baseball game and enjoy the atmosphere at a professional game. There are many games throughout the season, and you can also watch youth baseball at many parks in Tampa.

Visit Theme Parks

If you want to experience Florida in a whole new way, visit a theme park. Tampa is home to two of the best theme parks in the world. Busch Gardens is one of the most popular parks in the world and is a great way to spend a day. You can ride roller coasters, explore exotic animals and sights and have a picnic during your visit. You can also visit the aquarium at the park and see some amazing fish and other aquatic life. Another great park in Tampa is Sea World, which is one of the most popular parks in the world. You can enjoy rides and shows, see amazing animals and have a great time as you explore the park.

Go Scuba Diving

If you want to get even more active during your next vacation, you can go scuba diving. You can explore the waters off the coast of Tampa and see amazing marine life and coral reefs. You can also take diving courses or explore the area without making any effort. Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities in Florida, and the state is full of amazing reefs and fish. You can explore the reefs easily and can see a wide range of marine life in one place.

Discover Historic Locations

One way to discover what makes Tampa, Florida special is to visit some of its historic places. One of the best is the King Cole rum factory. This is an old factory that has been converted into housing and it is a great example of how the city has changed over the years. Another great place to visit is the Tampa Bay History Center, which is a great museum that offers a wide range of information about the area. Finally, you can visit the Lowry art complex, which is full of dramatic architecture. These are great places to visit that will give you a better idea of what Tampa is like.


As you can see, Tampa, Florida has so much to offer. You can visit the Everglades, experience nature and relax by the sea, or visit a theme park. There are many things to do in Tampa, and you can discover them with these tips. You can also experience a great seafood dinner if you are looking for a special meal. Whether you want to stay on the beach or explore the city, Tampa has everything you need. You just need to explore it. Go to home page.


Point Of Interest #1 Tampa Firefighters Museum, 720 E Zack St, Tampa, FL 33602

Point Of Interest #2 Cafe Perera, 601 N Morgan St, Tampa, FL 33602

Point Of Interest #3 The Portico Cafe, 1001 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33602


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