Tampa and Oldsmar are two neighboring cities in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida, and as such, they share a lot of things in common. Both have a thriving downtown with great shopping and dining options, beautiful parks for outdoor adventures, and awesome attractions to keep visitors busy. One attraction that both cities have in common is a zip line tour…but that’s where their similarities end. The Empower Adventures Zip Line Adventure is the longest zip line attraction in the world and offers amazing views of Tampa Bay from its elevated perch. You can visit Empower Adventures Tampa Bay at 423 Lafayette Blvd, Oldsmar, FL 34677. 

What is a Zip Line?

A zip line (or cable park) is a system of ropes and bridges that is used to transport people over great distances. It is a similar concept to a bungee jump, but the ropes are usually much longer and the jumpers usually stay attached to the rope with safety harnesses. The zip lines used to convey people over water are called aqua jumps, while the ones that are suspended above land are known as aerial tours. Either way, it’s a thrilling experience that’s fun for all ages! Aqua jumping is a great way to see a part of the world you’d never see if you weren’t jumping from one place to another. You can see islands, or get an aerial view of a city or landscape that you might be visiting.

How Long is the Tampa Bay Zip Line?

The Tampa Bay Zip Line is 63 feet long and takes about 20 minutes to complete. The first section of the zip line is over water, and the last section is on solid ground, making it a total of 130 feet. The best part of the Tampa Bay Zip Line is that it’s out in the open, so you’ll get to see lots of nature while you’re ziplining. The view is so breathtaking, you won’t even be able to focus on the zipline! On the water section, you’ll get to see ospreys, blue herons, and other birds. On the solid ground section, you’ll see the lush landscape of Florida’s barrier islands, with Egmont Key in the distance.

Empower Adventures: Tampa Bay Florida Zip Line Tour

The Tampa Bay Zip Line tour begins at the Empower Adventures lodge in Oldsmar, Florida. You’ll be greeted by a representative at the lodge and escorted to the zip line platform. On this platform is your harness and a safety harness for your partner. The staff will also explain how to use the harness so you and your partner don’t end up falling down the zip line at the end. After you’re all ziplined up and harnessed in, the guide will walk you to the edge of the platform and point out the birds and other wildlife you’ll be passing by. You’ll be close enough to the water to see the fish swimming by and see an island off in the distance. It’s amazing! Learn more about Tampa, FL here.

Stay for the Show: Things to do in Oldsmar Florida with Kids

All you have to do to experience the Tampa Bay Zip Line tour is show up at the Empower Adventures lodge. But you have to know that when you’re there, you’re in for an adventure. The lodge is an interactive experience where kids can learn about nature and dispel the myth that alligators are everywhere. Inside the lodge, kids can play games, take interactive nature walks, participate in educational activities, and even build a nature-themed project. The lodge also features a zip line tour viewing platform so kids can experience the Tampa Bay Zip Line tour right along with the adults. If you bring a picnic lunch, you can even enjoy a picnic lunch right on the lake while you take in the view.

Bottom line

The zip line goes over 130 feet into the air, passing through trees before ending with an incline run on solid ground. During our visit to Empower Adventures we saw everything from blue herons and ospreys, to eagles soaring overhead. There’s no better way to see the natural beauty of Tampa Bay than by ziplining! If you’re visiting the Tampa Bay area, we highly recommend you check out the Empower Adventures Zip Line tour. It’s a unique experience you won’t forget. Learn more about this site.


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