Drew Park is a little-known gem in the middle of bustling downtown Orlando. It’s located just minutes from all of the tourist attractions in downtown, making it one of the city’s hidden gems. There are many fun things to do in Drew Park and if you love good food, you will be blown away by all of the restaurants that we have in this area. This eco-friendly neighborhood has so many cool things to see and do. Here’s our guide on everything you need to know about Drew Park, what to see and do there, where to eat, and more!

What is Drew Park?

Drew Park is a unique, eco-friendly neighborhood in central Orlando, Florida. It’s located just minutes from all of the tourist attractions in downtown, making it one of the city’s hidden gems. The neighborhood is named after William Drew, a businessman who, in 1875, purchased land that was previously a citrus grove. Mr. Drew successfully replanted and cultivated citrus trees on the property. Eventually, the grove was sold to grow tropical fruits, and the land was converted into a park. Drew Park is a popular destination for local residents, visitors to Orlando, and Orlando visitors who are looking for a less-trafficked, low-key place to visit. The park is often referred to as “The Central Park of Central Florida” and is a popular spot for people to relax, exercise, and simply enjoy the outdoors. Next article.

Where is Drew Park?

Drew Park is located in the heart of downtown Orlando, Florida. The area is bordered on the north by South Semoran Boulevard and on the south by West South Street. The east and west boundaries are South Orange Avenue and South McCall Street.

Things to Do in Drew Park, Florida

 Visit the Orange County History Museum – The Orange County History Museum is located at the historic Orange County Courthouse. The museum has an incredible collection of historical items that provide a fascinating look into Orlando’s past. There are items from all of the eras that have contributed to creating the city we know today. – Visit one of Orlando’s Many Museums – Located in downtown Orlando, many of the best museums in the entire state are accessible by foot. There are museums on everything from local history to art, science, and more. – Explore Downtown Orlando’s Cultural District – The Central Florida Cultural District is home to many arts and cultural organizations. It’s also a great place to explore downtown Orlando’s architecture and outdoor parks. Visit a Local Farmer’s Market – There are many local farmers that sell fresh produce, crafts, and other locally-made goods at various farmers’ markets throughout Orlando. At the peak of the summer months, these markets are great places to cool off and dine on fresh fruits, veggies, and other snacks.

Where to Eat in Drew Park, Florida

 Beth’s Mediterranean Cafe – Since 1996, Beth’s Mediterranean Cafe has been serving up delectable Mediterranean dishes. It’s a great place to go for brunch, lunch, dinner, or a late-night bite. To top it all off, Beth’s also has a great selection of desserts that you’ll want to try. – The Exchange – The Exchange has been a premiere dining experience in Orlando for more than a decade. It’s known for its modern European cuisine and delicious wine list. Their large outdoor patio is also a great place to enjoy some fresh air. – Sushi Kone – Sushi is a great way to taste flavors from all over the world. Luckily, you can find some of the best varieties in Orlando at Sushi Kone. This sushi restaurant also has a great lunch special that includes Miso soup, edamame, and your choice of an entrée. – Urban Pie Company – The Urban Pie Company is a great place to go for a slice or several of their delicious pies. All of their flavors are delicious, and you can sample a few before deciding which one you want to take home. – Coq Rico – Coq Rico is a Caribbean-inspired restaurant that is a popular dinner destination in Orlando. It’s also a great spot for lunch. Coq Rico has a great, affordable Caribbean menu with tasty drinks and island-inspired food.

Final Words – Should You Visit Drew Park?

If you love exploring Orlando’s downtown area and want to check out a bit of a quieter side of the city, Drew Park is a great place to visit. With all of the great things to do in this neighborhood, you’ll be able to spend some quality time with friends and family without all of the hustle and bustle of Orlando’s bustling downtown area. There are many great restaurants in Drew Park, and you’ll also have easy access to parks and natural areas. You’ll enjoy exploring the area’s many green spaces, and you’ll also have easy access to many cultural and historical attractions. There are so many fun things to do in Drew Park, and you should certainly visit this unique Orlando neighborhood. See more.


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