This Google Ads Case Study was done to show the difference between sending PPC traffic to a landing page vs. sending PPC traffic to a website. If you aren’t versed in digital marketing, you probably don’t know that landing pages are designed to increase your conversion rate and ROI from paid traffic. Many times, clients will be hesitant to use landing pages. After all, what was the point of paying for your website if you’re going to send Google Ads traffic to a separate landing page?

A few things to note for those who are new to digital marketing:

  • 1. Websites are for converting organic traffic into sales.
  • 2. Landing pages are for converting paid traffic into sales.

It’s really this simple. The reason why you need to send paid traffic to a landing page is to maximize conversions. No matter how fast you build a website, a single landing page designed for paid traffic will always load faster, especially on mobile. Mobile is 70%+ of internet traffic these days and it is make or break for many campaigns. Our paid landing pages have converted over 50% of all paid clicks into leads for some clients, but this won’t happen on websites. We always opt for landing pages in PPC advertising because it is in the client’s best interest.

Their Goal

Discover which was more efficient for Google Ads/PPC traffic, a website page or dedicated landing page.

The Test

To test, we sent traffic to a website page for 1 month. After that, we sent all traffic to a landing page designed for PPC traffic. All other variables were left untouched in the campaign.


PPC Traffic Sent to Website

Clicks: 204
Leads: 10
Conversion Rate: 4.9%

PPC Traffic Sent to Landing Pages

Clicks: 136
Leads: 27
Conversion Rate: 19.85%

Difference between Landing Pages & Websites

170% increase in leads when using landing pages for Paid traffic.


Using landing pages for your paid traffic not only helps, but it can be the difference between making money and losing money. This is especially true when you have a slow website that takes more than 5 seconds to load. When considering whether to switch to landing pages, think about the amount of leads and revenue lost per year if you continue using your website. It can add up to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

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