Digital marketing is the complex process of using all types of internet advertising and marketing to deliver a message to the targeted audience. Digital marketing or Internet marketing is unique because there are countless ways to reach the same goal based on a client’s desires. There is no silver bullet.

Digital marketing includes optimization on search engines (Google & Bing), social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.), website design and development, email marketing, web-based apps. It includes both paid and organic strategies.

Search Engines

Advertising on search engines like Google & Bing involves choosing the keywords that you want to show up for. Some keywords are naturally going to generate more revenue for your business than other keywords. This is a very simplified explanation of search engine advertising, and you can read more about that clicking here.

Social Media Platforms

Social media advertising and marketing includes utilizing data gathered by the social media website to target your ideal audiences. This type of marketing is deceiving and can feel like you are generating results, when in reality you are only getting ‘vanity’ metrics, such as likes or engagement. Learn more about social media marketing by clicking here.

Traditional or Digital?

Digital Marketing is far superior to Traditional Marketing in terms of tracking ability and efficiency. There’s very few times that a traditional ad campaign will drive 10-30X return on investment. With a professional digital marketing strategy, this is entirely possible. As people continue to spend more and more time online, the return and potential will only shift further and further away from traditional and towards digital.