This Facebook Ads case study is about a local furniture store in Central Florida that experienced a 10x increase in year over year sales revenue by adding Facebook Ads to their marketing-mix during the month of Mar 2021. (We compared 2019 numbers with 2021 numbers to more accurately show performance prior to COVID.)

Their Goal

Drive in-store sales by increasing foot-traffic and in-store sales with Facebook Ads.


No ability to optimize for store visits. This client did not have sufficient data for the Facebook account to support that kind of conversion event. This client also did not have a CRM or POS, which limited our ability to verify specific purchases with people who saw our Facebook Ads. We looked at topline revenue, as this client was not running Facebook ads previously.

The Strategy

The strategy was to reach in-market users on Facebook who are interested in purchasing furniture. We decided to optimize for View Content because the target area was not huge, and we wanted to allow Facebook with a large enough audience pool to properly learn. To drive customers in-store, we knew that we needed to provide customers with an accurate depiction of the in-store furniture inventory while also providing the location of the store on a map. This is where carousel ads with location cards performed extremely well in terms of cost-per-click and cost per viewed content.

What We Knew

The furniture store’s website already had a sufficient organic flow of traffic and a mature Facebook pixel with relevant events set up on the website. This allowed us to fully utilize the benefits of a Facebook pixel to better optimize for the best results in our Remarketing Prospecting campaigns.



  • Website visitors & Ad/Post Engagers last 365 days


  • Website Visitors & View Content Lookalike Audiences

Ad Types

For this promotion we went in-store and took photos of the in-stock inventory. They did not have an inventory feed or ability to see directly online, so this was the next best option for us. We have been seeing good results with Carousel ads lately, and went with carousels in order to showcase the inventory in the store. We also ran carousel ads with map cards as well.


With an ads investment of just $4,000 from March 1st-March 31st, Blue Farm helped to influence a 10X increase when compared to typical monthly March sales revenue. A very substantial number for a local furniture store with only a couple locations.

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