With many businesses still using a lot of traditional advertising in their marketing mix, we wanted to provide a few reasons why digital should gradually become the majority of your advertising budget. With return on investment of 20x possible for many niches, business owners are becoming aware of and acting on the potential.

Here are 5 HUGE reasons why digital marketing is better for businesses than traditional:

1. The Digital Age is Here

People are using the most readily available and convenient resource to solve their problems, the Internet. Whether it’s from a cell phone or computer, people search the internet to find a solution and improve their lives. Hiring a company to solve a problme is no different. Remember the days of advertising in the Yellow Pages? Those days are long gone. Search engines are today’s Yellow Pages and it’s important to leverage them for your business.

2. Measurable to the $0.01

If you were Blue Farm’s client, at the end of each month we could tell you who called you, when, how long the call was, where they were when calling, the keyword that triggered the call, the web page they landed on before calling you and how much it cost for each completed website form and phone call from PPC traffic. We could then easily cross-reference your new customers with the phone calls and forms to prove the value of my work.

3. Traditional Advertising is Highly-Inefficient Compared to PPC

95% of people (or more) aren’t in the market for your product/service right now and a bunch of billboards isn’t going to increase demand. Instead, the focus should be on capturing existing demand and bringing more of these people to your business. Therefore, you should saturate high-quality PPC search traffic before spending anything on other advertising mediums. After all, they are actively searching for what you provide.

4. Lowest-Hanging Fruit

The focus should be to use as much budget on clicks from people actively searching for your service on search engines. This should always be the focus of marketing budget allocation for a local business, not branding or more expensive high-funnel tactics that don’t immediately convert.

5. Flexible and Easy to Scale

This is the best part. Start small, scale big. Many clients start out around the $2k/month range to test the waters and see some results first. The beauty of PPC is we can adjust your budget and bids anytime to support any business objectives. Is January & February always a good month for you? Okay, let’s ramp up and capture as much demand in your market as you can handle. Do you want more male or female clients? Done, we can make adjustments so the results reflect your expectations.